Updates: What I’ve been up to

Happy Halloween to everyone! I dressed as the universe this past Saturday and tonight, I am going to be a witch. There’s thunder and lightning outside. It feels like the perfect weather for today. I want to document what I have done the past three months because I am super grateful for the opportunities and for the outpouring of love from other writers.

In August, I was the opening reader for Amber Tamblyn, who is an activist, a phenomenal author, and an actor. It was wonderful hearing her read and speak about her new book, ANY MAN.

Rios de la Luz and Amber Tamblyn @ Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, AZ

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Current K-pop Song Addictions

I LOVE BTS. *crying emoji face* First of all, I am so upset that I missed them on their US tour this year. Second of all, I adore them so much. They are inspirational and wonderful and I wish them the best in their careers, health, and growth.

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